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Business Communication Essay

1. To generate research and discussion of the key elements of organisation communication, preparatory to the individual Assessment 3 Business Research Project. Learning gained in this activity will support analysis of the students’ primary research findings when they undertake the Assessment 3 project. 2. To create a context for applying interpersonal communication skills, especially listening and speaking, cooperation, time management, managing differences and negotiation. 3. To provide a platform for individuals to demonstrate oral presentation skills.

The class should be divided into groups of 3 – 5 for this activity.

Objectives for each group: To choose a topic from the list below (each group to work on a different topic if possible- within the class all topics must be covered) and as a team, prepare a seminar-style team presentation with supporting written material (e.g. handout, poster, booklet) that will outline the key aspects of the topic and explain the topic’s relevance to and influence on organisation communication

Each student must participate fully and equitably in information research, creation of material and oral presentation within the team context. Each student will be assessed separately according to the criteria outlined in Assessment 2 Portfolio Task 3 (a) & (b). The presentations with supporting material will be presented to the rest of the class.

Essay Topics:

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