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Business Communication Essay

1.Communication is an essential function of Business Organizations.

2.Physiological Barriers of listening are:
Ans. (a) Hearing impairment

3.Which presentation tends to make you speak more quickly than usual? Ans. (b) Oral

4.What is the main function of Business Communication:
Ans. (c) Persuasion

5.The responsibilities of the office manager in a firm that produces electronics spares is Ans. ( d).. All of the above

6.Labov’s Storytelling Model based on:
Ans.(a) Communication through speech

7.Diagonal Communication is basically the:
Ans. (b). Communication between the CEO and the managers

8.How to make Oral Communication Effective?
Ans. (d). All of the above

9.Direct Eye contact of more than 10 seconds can create:
Ans. (a). Discomfort & Anxiety

10.10. Encoding means:
Ans. (a). Transmission

Par -2
1. 7’c of effective communication
1.Courtesy and consideration – Improves Relationship
2. Clarity-Make comprehension better
3. Credibility -Builds Trust
4. Correctness-Builds confidence
5. Completeness and consistency-Introduces stability
6. Concreteness-Reinforces Confidence
7. Conciseness-Save time

2. Space Language

Essay Topics:

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