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Bushranger Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Response to literature- black snake: the daring of Ned Kelly

Bushrangers are known to be ruthless outlaws. Many people have thought of Ned Kelly as a villain, some think of him as a hero or possibly a victim in most cases. Ned Kelly has committed various villainous acts or has been a part of scenes where he most likely wasn’t supposed to be. However, Ned has also done heroic acts and has been victimized by numerous Victorians at the time. Ned Kelly had been expected to be a villain since a young age. Young Ned had done many things a twelve year old wouldn’t think of committing, such as robbing a bank. Ned was originally sentenced to an unexpected trial because he was caught by a trooper when he was…

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly Kelly was twelve when his father died, and he was subsequently required to leave school to take on the new position as head of the family. Shortly after this, the Kellys moved to Glenrowan. As a teenager, Ned became involved in petty crimes, regularly targeting the wealthy landowners. The story goes that Ned Kelly was influenced to become a bushranger. His family was not particularly liked by the law, and so when he was persecuted by a few of the policemen, he reacted and decided to become an outlaw. He figured that if he was going to be charged for something, he would give them a real reason. Kelly became a protege to another bushranger, Harry Power who…