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Burkitt Lymphoma Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Burkitt Lymphoma

Burkitt Lymphoma was mapped out in geographic distribution across Africa by Dr. Denis Parsons Burkitt (Huang 2005). This disease is a high grade B-cell neoplasm, which has two major forms: the endemic (i. e. African nature) and the non-endemic (i. e. sporadic nature). Burkitt Lymphoma is mainly found as childhood tumor, yet it is, also, observed in adult patients (Huang 2005). This Lymphoma type is one of the fastest growing malignancies in humans, and it has a high growth fraction (Huang 2005). Burkitt Lymphoma is a monoclonal proliferation of B lymphocytes that is characterized by small non-cleaved cells is appeared to be uniform in appearance (Huang 2005). It produces a diffuse pattern of tissue involvement. While under the microscope, this…