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Buoyancy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

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A substance in a solid phase is relatively rigid, has a definite volume and shape. The atoms or molecules that comprise a solid are packed close together and are not compressible. Because all solids have some thermal energy, its atoms do vibrate. However, this movement is very small and very rapid, and cannot be observed under ordinary conditions. There are four types of crystalline solids : Ionic solids– These substances have a definite melting point and contain ionic bonds. An example would be sodium chloride (NaCl). Covalent solids — These substance appear as a single giant molecule made up of an almost endless number of covalent bonds. An example would be graphite. Molecular solids are represented as repeating units made…

Buoyancy Lab: Archimedes’ Principle

Abstract: The objective of this experiment is to use the Archimedes principle to evaluate the specific weight of all of the separate materials. This objective of this experiment is significant in that it gives valuable information on how to determine the material composition of an object when given very vague information. From information learned in the accompanying Fluid Mechanics lecture course, basic formulas can be applied to solve for the specific weight of the object in question. The experiment performed will involve the buoyancy principle and include calculating the volume displaced of a submerged object. This is laboratory experiment under a controlled environment. The results of this experiment can be found by using the weight of each object when dry…