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Bulldozer Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Komatsu Ltd and Project G

Acquired and develop advanced technology to raise quality, and to increase efficiency to the Cat’s level. Introduced “management by policy.  “Project A,” sought to raise the quality of Komatsu’s middle-sized bulldozers to Cat’s level & instituted the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” (PDCA) cycle. In 1966, his five-year “World A” campaign sought to make Komatsu internationally competitive in cost and quality. Results Project A enabled Komatsu to double its warranty period within two years while cutting claim rates by two-thirds. Komatsu had emerged as the major challenger in the construction equipment industry. Komatsu’s potentially dangerous reliance on domestic sales reduced. The Nogawa Era (1982-1987) Strategies Focused more on cost-cutting and aggressive sales tactics than on shifting production overseas or reducing Komatsu’s…

Sonalika Traktor

Established in 1969, Sonalika group from the very beginninghastried to understand customer need so that they get better value for their money, hard earned.Sonalika has stateof manufacturing, spread in acres, located at Hoshiarpur and tax free zone at AMBin Himachal Pradesh.Sonalika is the one of the top 3 tractor manufacturing companies in India, other products include of,Multi utility vehicles, engines and various farm equipments. Today the group stands tall with anapproximate turnover of 3200 Core INR. An average growth of 30% makes it one of the fastestgrowing corporate in India. Its is also one of the few debt free companies.Group has strength of about 2000 employee & technocrats. History reveals that innovation is the keyto continued progress and when applied…

Safety on a construction site

Each year, there are thousands of injuries and triple-digit numbers of fatal accidents related to machine and equipment operation. A lot of these accidents involve the operator, but over half involve people on the ground – spotters, co-workers, laborers, shovel hands, passers-by and sidewalk superintendents who get too close. And because of the forces and physics involved, these are usually not first-aid injuries; there is often an ambulance and sometimes a coroner called to the jobsite. Road Construction Safety[edit] The United States has over 4 trillion miles of road, over 65% of which is paved. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 created over 12,600 road construction projects, over 10,000 of which are currently in progress.[12] Workers in highway…