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Bulgaria Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How can Bulgaria sustain its intellectual capital

The entrepreneurship success of a country can be borne through investment in intellectual capital but its sustainability depends mainly on political and economic factors. Bulgaria is one country with a lush intellectual capital featured through valuable capabilities of individuals and enterprises. Worth noting is that entrepreneurship is a tool for wealth creation that benefits both the individuals and the country. For instance, the US is known for its entrepreneur-friendly environment that encourages growth of small businesses for wealth creation. Bulgaria also needs to seek ways through which it can sustain its intellectual capital for further entrepreneurship stimulation and subsequent wealth creation. The purpose of this dissertation is to compare Bulgaria to Sweden (a country in the Nordic region) and the…

Bulgaria Economy

Alongside the north coast of Black Sea, the Bulgarian state was first founded in 635 A. D with the Slav and Bulgar peoples. Between the year 893 and 927 the first Bulgarian Kingdom was established which is known as the “Golden Age” in the history of Bulgaria. In the early 20th century social and political disorders blemished Bulgaria and forced the country to participate in the First Balkan War in 1912 and then in the Second Balkan War in 1913. Bulgaria also took a part in the World Wars first by associated with the Central Powers and then with the Axis Powers. In the beginning of the Second World War, the country united with the Germany, but towards the end…

Discuss the causes of World War I

The most prominent factors which led to World War 1 were nationalism, militarism, imperialism, the Balkan and Morocco crises, and the alliance system. As luck would have it, these factors either started in response to, or because of each other. The alliance system was one of the last factors to emerge before the war. The alliance system was a main cause of World War 1; it came into play because of a few factors, and did not cause the war alone. Nationalism, the love and support of one’s country, has always existed. During this time, nonetheless, it took part in the culmination of one of the most famous wars in history. As so much pride was devoted to countries, it…