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Bulfinch’s Mythology Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Analysis of ‘Icarus’ by Christine Hemp

In the poem “Icarus,” Christine Hemp uses literary devices to convey that a father-son relationship can be problematic. Hemp pulls a twist on the original myth, and retells it in Icarus’ point of view. Her version of the myth shows that Icarus wasn’t very fond of his father Daedalus; however Daedalus didn’t realize that Icarus wanted to be free. “bound by the string…for years to untie TO I didn’t know…to return” (#14 and 15 TO 16 and 17) This quote portrays the emotion Icarus feels towards his father by the use of irony. At this point, the reader understands that Icarus had to deal with Daedalus with only the hope of exiting the prison, but once free he longs to…