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Buildings Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Peabody Trust

In 1862 George Peabody, an American from Philadelphia who moved to London in 1837, founded the most famous society providing homes for the skilled artisan classes. With ? 150,000 0f initial capital at his disposal, Peabody had several buildings constructed in the inner city Spitalfields district of London by early 1864, in later years; Peabody built dwellings in Bermondsey, Chelsea, Islington, and Shadwell. His goal was to house the working poor in healthy dwellings as long as they were of good character, conducted themselves responsibly, and paid their rent on time (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society 93). The Peabody Trust is a non-profit organization that builds and manages high quality social housing for people on low incomes. Their fund…

Modern Buildings

Every city has own style of architecture. Buildings actually is a face of every country and city. Of course, in every city there are old buildings and new ones. There is a question, whether a city should preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings. One group of people is sure, that government has to save old buildings. The other group of people thinks, that it is better to build new buildings. I have to say, that relate myself to the first group of people. However, these two groups provide tantamount arguments in favor of their choice. I suggest to discuss advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned statement. First group of people support…

Tallest Building in the world

It’s not as easy as you might think to list the tallest buildings in the world. For example, some people say that the tallest building in the world is the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada–it’s height is 1,821 feet! It is a telecommunications tower and an entertainment complex visited by about 2 million tourists each year. The revolving restaurant on top turns 360 degrees every hour, and has a deck from where you can have a really top-of-the-world view of Toronto. But many people don’t consider the CN tower to be a building, since it does not contains occupied floors throughout its full height. People disagree on whether things like telecom towers, flagpoles, antennas, and spires should be included when…