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Buddhist Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Life as a Buddhist

Many people all around this planet have knowingly or unknowingly met people of the Buddhist community or even seen a Buddhist Temple. In whatever circumstances, hearing of, meeting with the real Buddhists or visiting their temple is not an issue. The fundamental question is, ‘what is Buddhism? ’ An article, The Buddhist Way appearing in the Buddha Net (2008) defines Buddhism as, “…a religion, a series of practices and a way of life based on the teachings of Buddha who, after achieving enlightenment, taught that the nature of the world is constant change. ” According to the teaching of Buddha, all things in this world are temporary and the inability to understand life’s nature is the source of people’s unhappiness,…

Buddhist religion

The Four Noble Truths are the foundations of the Buddhist religion. From these emanate the rituals and beliefs still practiced today. The Buddhist philosophy centers on the basic truth that with the existence of life, the presence of suffering comes along with it. So, it is a primary aim of a Buddhist to alleviate oneself from the suffering of life. Hence, this contemporary Buddhist practices revolve around the four Noble Truths which explain how to end suffering and guide one’s self into what they call Nirvana, an enlightened state of being. To end suffering, one must overcome ignorance, craving or attachment to worldly pleasures which are rooted to the evils of lust, hatred and delusion. To overcome these evils and…