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Bsu University Essay

Belarusian State University is the main university of our country. There is a vast range of faculties in this university and all of them are important, interesting and prestigious. What concerns me I should say that I`m a student of the Faculty of International Relations. My field of studying is Customs Affairs. The BSU was founded in 1921. And what concerns my department it was opened in August of 2000. Today it is a leading center of preparing customs officers in Belarus.

The department today offers specialization in Legal Basics of Customs Affairs, Economic Basics and Logistics. We are taught not only by experienced teachers, professors but also we have an opportunity to meet and work with real customs officers (which is very useful). The faculty is well known in our country for its work in first and second language acquisition, in studying important problems of society and etc. The F of IP comprises six specialties.

They are International Relations, International Law, World Economy, Management (with the specialization “Management in International Tourism”), Customs Affairs and Oriental Languages and Country studies. It is very important that our students are able not only to study their major and minor subjects but also can study several foreign languages (German, French< Spanish< Polish< Chinese and of course English). The teaching stuff of the university consists of professors, lecturers and tutors.

They give lectures, conduct seminars and have tutorials with the students on different subjects: Higher Mathematics, Macroeconomics and etc. The staff of the F of IR, past and present, has produced many books for teacher and student education which we now use during our classes. As the proverb says: “No pain, no gain”. The students have to work really hard to keep up with the pace of studying. We have just moved into a new building that is much more convenient and appropriate for studying.

In our disposal we have a great number of classrooms, libraries with wide range of books on different subjects. The University and the faculty staff think not only about studying points but also about our students` interests. There are a lot of clubs, sections on the Faculty of IR and in the whole BSU that may help a student to develop their talents and to have fun.

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