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BSN Program Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Fort Hays State University BSN Program

Fort Hays State University is a public university that serves an immediate community of 20,000 people and a regional population of 400,000 in western Kansas. The nursing program at this institution offers a variety of degrees in the health field, including a BS in Nursing (Welcome to FHSU, 2009). The demographics of full-time students who attend this university are about 2,300 woman and 1,883 men (undergraduate) and 228 women and 141 men (graduate). Nearly 65% of the students are white, and about 80% live in college-owned or college-affiliated housing. Entering students typically score between 18 (25th percentile) and 24 (75th percentile) on the ACT, so they tend to have average to above-average academic ability (Common Data Set, 2009). In a…