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Brokeback Mountain Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Brokeback Mountain: Wester or Romance

Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain displays all the traditional characteristics of a romantic tragedy or a Western film, but upon its release it failed to be labeled as such. It was instead placed in the “gay and lesbian” film category. While obviously there is no harm in being labeled a “gay” film, it does distract from the purpose of the film, which is to show the touching story of these two characters. The film is merely a tragic depiction of two people, both of whom happen to be men, who fall in love with each other. It is a romantic tragedy in that contains the genre’s strongest and most popular theme: forbidden love. Simultaneously, however, the film can be classified as…

Masculinity in Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx

The classic stereotype of the Western cowboy impacts the way Ennis and Jack view their relationship throughout the screenplay based on the short story, Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx and the film Brokeback Mountain directed by Ang Lee. The stereotypical Western cowboy is depicted throughout as quite masculine and are expected to behave and live a certain way, this is not directed said, but the film and novel suggests so. This typical stereotype leads Ennis and Jack to respond indifferently. They’re quite confused, hesitant and in denial of their relationship. Although wary of the consequences of continuing their relationship together, they’re unable to resist the temptations of each other. As secretive as they try to be, it advocates that the…