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British Arguments During the Revolutionary War Essay

The colonists are good for one thing: complaining. They cry like babies for what just a few cents on their sugar and stamps, when in reality we were HELPING THEM. We made these taxes to defray for the defense of the colonies and to supply the troops. All they do is whine, whine, whine. They go on all day like fools with that idiot saying… “No taxation without Representation.”

1764-Sugar Act & 1765- Stamp Act

Little Brats

Somehow these peasants have made us look like the villains in the tragic event they call the “Boston Massacre.” Hey that is one way to put it, but truly they are the ones to be blamed in this whole bloody mess. The idiots started it by harassing some of our own sovereign soldiers, they even through snowballs at our soldiers. How rude?!? Oh well, they simply don’t have class. Sure, a few of the peasants died but it was simply self-defense.

1770- Boston Massacre


The Peasants have yet again come up with some crazy antics that even top off their outrageous behavior so far. This time they burned down one of our schooners- The Gaspee to be specific. Yes, that is right they burned down a ship. How grotesque? Idiots! Better yet, cavemen! They have no taste act like villagers. They even accused one of our finest commanders who was the captain of the ship- Lt. William Dudingston of being unjust and corrupt. Lies, lies, lies!

1772- The Burning of The Gaspee

A Truly Intolerable Act

Wait for this one, it is truly mind-blowing. Believe it or not, the peasants dressed up as Mohawks Indians and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. This is a new low even for them. They are real idiots, wasting all that tea. How extremely insensitive of them? There are many people in this world that could have made a use of that tea. On the bright side, we punished them thoroughly.

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