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Briony Tallis Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Briony Tallis

In 1935, Briony Tallis is 13, living in England on her family’s estate. At this time she is a budding adolescent, with literary tendencies. At 11 she had already written short stories and for the occasion of her eldest brother, Leon’s homecoming, she wrote a play “Trials of Arabella” to be performed at the family dinner that night when the story “Atonement” opened. In the events that followed during that fateful night at the beginning of the story, the extent of Briony’s pubertal emotionality combined with her imagination was devastatingly revealed. Her distorted view of events led to the bitter separation of lovers, Robbie & Cecilia, the wrongful accusation of an innocent man (Robbie) and the eventual freeing of the…