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Breaking Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Breaking Up with Someone You Love

During my first year in college, I fell in love with a co-freshman. We went steady after a two-month courtship. However, only after a few months of seeing the movies together, eating at our favorite restaurants, visiting the most exciting bars in the locality, staying up late together to study, and just even staring into blank space together, we finally broke up. Allow me to share with you the details of our break up: On a Sunday morning, while I was jogging around our neighborhood as part of my daily routine, somebody called me on my cellular phone. The caller, who is actually someone that I go to English class with first asked how I am doing, which I answered…

Breaking Into Advertising and Staying

In the life of an individual, it is seen that building a great and stable career in a line of work that he/she personally likes and loves to do is one of the foremost undertakings that is considered to be a difficult task. Thus, this requires a bountiful amount of effort and courage for a person to achieve a stable career and to be situated in a position that he or she prefers to be in. Advertising Industry, on the other hand, as linked to the discussions about career, is considered to be one of the most stimulating and exciting line of businesses in which there are numerous number of aspirants who are hoping to penetrate the scene and be…

Breaking the Disney Spell

Jack Zipes, in his essay “Breaking the Disney Spell”, directly addresses the issue of what happens when a story is taken from its original oral form and written down. Zipes discusses in depth what Walt Disney has done to fairy tales and the consequences of Disney’s actions. Zipes addresses many issues, including those of context, society, and alteration of plot. He accuses Walt Disney of attacking “the literary tradition of the fairy tale” (344). While many scholars disagree with Zipes’ accusations, his essay makes very solid and well-presented points that he promptly backs with fact. Regardless of what the scholars say, Zipes was right: Oral tradition is important, and Disney’s representations of historical folktales damaged fairy tales as we know…