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Bread Mold Imrad Essay

The materials needed to conduct this experiment are six small squares of bread, a container of milk, four small Ziploc bags, a thermometer, a phone to record data and a heat lamp. The container of milk will be used for residue on the inside of two of the plastic bags. The heat lamp will be used to generate heat onto the bread towards the possibility of mold. The thermometer is used to measure the heat that the heat lamp is producing; this is to make sure it does not get too hot. The thermometer, milk, and heat lamp are part of the independent variables. The dependent variable is the amount of mold that grows.

The experimenter should begin this experiment by organizing their materials so that they are all in front of he/she. Start by opening one of the plastic bags. Over a sink, pour a small amount of milk into the bag, close it then make sure the inside is completely covered in milk residue. Then pour the milk out into the sink. Repeat this process with another bag. Carefully place a piece of bread in each of the milk-saturated bags and secure. Put these bags aside and grab the other two clean plastic bags. Put a piece of bread in each of them and close it. The two extra pieces of bread with be used without a bag, this is the control group.

Next find a safe location to keep the bags of bread for the experiment, away from possible culprets such as mice. Once the location is decided, plug in the heat lamp and angle it towards the surface where the bread will sit. The head of the heat lamp should not be anymore than ten inches away from the bags of bread. After the heat lamp is situated, place a bag with milk-residue, a bag with only bread, and a single piece of bread under the heat lamp. Put the other two bags and the other single piece of bread away from the heat lamp, out of the light. Record the data of the bread at the same time everyday for as long until mold appears.

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