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Brazilian Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Brazilian Racial Politics

The reading provided, extracted from Orpheus and Power by Michael George Hanchard, critiques the Race vs. Class Paradigm that is widespread in the Brazilian society. By weaving together some works of the more renowned analysts and sociologists of the topic, he highlights two main things: firstly, the salient points of their claims and secondly, the faults in their arguments. By comparing and contrasting two schools of thought on the issue, Class-based and Structuralist, he points out certain weaknesses and the glaring irreconcilability of such thought when applied to the trends in Brazilian economic society. The subject of Race and Class and their contributions into creating a society wherein oppression has been structured into policy has fueled many debates, much of…

Brazilian culture

Culture refers to the norms, values and conceptions which influences an individual’s behavior. They are usually not tangible things though they greatly affect or influence the reactions or response of an individual to certain circumstances. Different communities have different cultures which are usually expressed through the various artifacts and symbols as well as ceremonies and traditions. The national culture of a place is usually expressed through the language spoken, the religion practiced, the etiquette and attitudes of the people, body language as well a literature, arts and music in such a country. The national culture of a country influences the way things and business are carried out and as such the performance of different entities within the country. Brazilian culture…

Brazilian Literature

For a long duration, Dom Casmurro, Machado de Assis’s novel has moved its readers to opening a debate on if Santiago’s wife, Capitolina, had been faithful to Santiago. The narrator was believed to have loved his wife since their childhood. His mother, who later passed on had wanted the narrator to become a priest thus avoid getting married to his girlfriend. They later got married but later starts to suspect the wife of an affair with Escobar, a close buddy of his. Escobar later on perishes in an accident and the narrator’s wife got a baby boy, Ezekiel. The conflict of the narrator reaches climax as the people around him indicates that the born child resembles Escobar. The narrator is…

Analyzing Brazilian Movie

The movie “Behind the Sun” is a Brazilian film, entitles “Abril Despedacado” in Portuguese, based to the novel “Shattered April” originally written by multi awarded Albanian writer “Ismail Kadare”. The film was released in the year 2001, directed by a multi-talented and reputable Brazilian movie director “Walter Salles”, and produced by an Academy film producer “Arthur Cohn”. Although, the movie was not able to garner major movie awards and recognition, director Walter Salles’s Behind the Sun, had received a bunch of positive feedbacks from different movie critics and fanatics from countries across the globe. (IGN Entertainment, Inc. ) Nevertheless, the Brazilian motion picture “Behind the Sun” is said to be one of the successful movie, produced and done in Brazil….