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Brands Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Luxury Brands

Luxury Brands: What Are They Doing About Social Responsibility? David S. Waller, Marketing Discipline Group, University of Technology Sydney Anurag G. Hingorani, Marketing Discipline Group, University of Technology Sydney Abstract Although luxury goods may be synonymous with extravagance, lavishness, and even waste, it may appear to be a contradiction that a number of companies that manufacture and sell luxury brands have also discovered the value of being socially responsible. With growing criticism of the high costs and exploitation in the manufacture of luxury goods, some companies are increasing the extent to which corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues feature in their business practices. This paper will look at the issues regarding luxury brands and social responsibility, and will focus on…

Harley Davidson Case Study

Case: Harley-Davidson: Chasing a New Generation of Customers Despite record sales in 2006 and a commanding share of the heavyweight motorcycle market for the previous decade, Harley Davidson had to take new action to maintain its growth. Although the company enjoyed continued growth in the 2000s and its brand image was strong, its core customer base of Baby Boomers was aging. In 1987, the median age of a Harley-Davidson customer had been 35; by 2007, it was 47. Hence, Harley Davidson’s major focus of its outreach effort was to attract more young adults, who somehow perceived this brand to be expensive and intimidating to a certain degree. Furthermore, Harley-Davidson encountered fierce competition from companies primarily based in Europe and Japan….