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Brand equity Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Literature review & theoretical framework

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In contemporary business environments, small independent organisations are often faced with significant pressures to survive market competitiveness (Abimbola, 2001; Bristow, et, al, 2002; Moroko & Uncles, 2009; Wilden, et, al, 2010). Accordingly, in order to compete with prevailing competitors, many businesses employ branding as a key strategy to establish a positive reputation in the marketplace (Abimbola, 2001; Balmer & Greyser, 2006; Herstein & Gamliel, 2006; Ueno, 2010). Subsequently, Lin, et, al (2010) as well as Souiden, et, al (2006) postulate that further in-depth studies are needed to investigate how branding can assist companies to achieve their organisational presence in the marketplace. Consequently, as there is inadequate research on branding literature, this study helped to establish a comprehensive understanding…

Questionnaire on fashion brands

Factors Affecting Consumer Preference of International Brands over Local Brands Zeenat Ismail1∗, Sarah Masood2 and Zainab Mehmood Tawab2 1 Department of Social Sciences, Institute of Business Administration – Karachi 2 Students of Institute of Business Administration – Karachi Abstract: This study was conducted in order to determine the consumer preferences of global brands instead of local ones. It is also designed to find out the buying behavior patterns of young Pakistani consumers Consumer evaluates products based on information cues, which are intrinsic and extrinsic. A number of factors affect the consumer purchase decisions. The results suggest that most important factors that influence a consumer’s final decision are the price and quality of the product in question. Since the consumers usually…