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Box Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Edmunds Case Study

1. What would the SWOT analysis look like for this company? Strengths: 100 local employees, steady market share Weaknesses: Slight loss in market share, aging work force, lack of marketing with technology, no new products Opportunities: increase market share, serving industries other than the box market, mergers and/or acquisitions Threats: Manufacturers using better machines, Consolidation in the paper industry, higher raw material costs 2. What role do you expect the internet to play in the corrugated box industry? What are some ways that Edmunds could better use the Internet to foster growth? I would expect that the internet would be a great resource for researching other corrugated box companies. It would be good for advertising as well. Edmunds could make…

Comparision of Group Models

Comparison of Group Development Models What are the similarities and differences between these theories? Look at the intersection of each row and column. •Start by listing the stages of each theory in the blue boxes. •Then go back to the readings on the theory and put the similarities between the two theories in their pink box intersection •Put the differences between the theories in the intersection that is colored yellow. •When you are done, delete this instruction text to make more room on the page for the chart. As you type into the boxes, the table will expand. When you are done, the pink boxes in the upper right will have the identified similarities, and the yellow boxes in the…