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Bottleneck Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Program Northwestern University

It is May 1992. HAL, Inc. is a major manufacturer of computers and computer components. In their Lubbock, TX plant they make printed circuit boards (PCB’s, also referred to as “panels”), which are used by other plants in the company in a variety of computer products. The Lubbock plant, built in 1982, represents an $80 million investment and has approximately 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The plant runs 3 shifts per day (19. 5 hours/day when breaks, lunches and shift changes are considered) and makes two families of products: 1. Small Panels: 10″ x 15″ panels are the original product of the facility and are used primarily for mainframe computer cards. There are roughly 40,000 different types of small…

State Automobile License Renewal Case

One dozen size order: In this situation, the bottleneck is “setting up the oven and baking”, which takes 10 minutes to finish this process. So, the Cycle Time (CT) is 10 minutes. The Kristen’s cookie company can finish the first dozen after 26 minutes, then Kristen and her roommate can complete each order per 10 minutes. 4 hours=240 minutes. (240-26)/10=21.4, and 21.4+1=22.4. According to the equations above, the company could fill 22 orders every night. Two dozen size order: In this situation, the CT becomes 20 minutes. The company finished the first order after 36 minutes, then they could complete each order in every 10 minutes. 4 hours=240 minutes. (240-36)/20=10.2, and 10.2+1=11.2. According to the equations above the company could…

Beck Manufacturing

Capacity is the measure of an organization’s ability to provide customers with the demanded services or goods in the amount requested and in a timely manner (Vonderembse & White, 2013). Beck Manufacturing requires assistance with determining capacity of each of their systems and how the capacity can be increased. Beck has four departments including milling, grinding, boring and drilling and each department is essential in producing steering gears. A manufactured product is often an assembly of multiple parts (Obi, 2010). There are several machines within each department that work to produce a piece of the gear. The president of Beck Manufacturing, Al Beck has provided the information necessary to conduct the capacity analysis. The table below explains the capacity per…

Gadget Toys Case Write-Up

Gadget Toy Company is faced with a choice between two options to reduce project time for their new toy line. Gadget must cut down project time in order to meet their Christmas deadline that is 19 weeks away. Analysis shows that there are two critical paths for the current process, which is 20 weeks long and includes the following critical activities: obtain funding approval (A), finalize engineering (B), build dies/tools (D), raw material delivery (K), initial production run (L), ship product (M), train workers (F), and de-bug process (G). See figure below. Gadget’s first option is to reduce the amount of product advertising. Although this might reduce cost, advertising (J) is not a critical activity and won’t reduce the total…

Process Analysis and Capacity Management

1. Dello is a world-class PC company. Management believes that they understand their products and customers better than any outsourcing company; therefore Dello should provide customer service in-house. Ideally, Dello’s customer service department wants to handle all the customer phone calls. During peak hours, however, Dello receives so many customer calls that they ask an outsourcing company, Telemate, to help handle incoming calls. Dello’s switchboard system is programmed in the following way; A customer calls Dello at its 1-800 number. If there are 14 or less callers in the system waiting to speak with one of the customer service representatives, then the call stays within Dello’s system and the customer inquiry will be answered by a Dello customer service representative….