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Book Review Template Essay

Summary: This can come from the book jacket or a website, but it must be concise and it must be cited. You may also choose to write your own summary; in which case you should briefly tell the reader what the story is about. Where and when does it take place? Who are the main characters? What kinds of problems they run into?

My Review: Begin by explaining why you chose this book in the first place. Next, comment on the connections you discovered between the characters/people in the book and your own personal experiences (text to self), other characters or people you’ve read about or encountered in film or television (text to text), or people you’ve heard about in real life (text to world). Follow this with your opinion of the book. What did you like about it? Give an example (quote a passage) and explain why you liked this. Comment on what you did not like about the book.

Give an example (quote a passage) and explain why you did not like this. (In commenting on what you did or didn’t like, consider writing about how well the author: brings characters or people to life, holds your interest in terms of telling the story, or utilizes language to paint a clear and interesting picture of the characters, the setting, and the action of the story.) Important note: Do NOT give away the story’s ending. Conclude with your recommendation for other readers. Do you recommend this book? Why and for whom? (Consider age, reading level, genre, and subject.)

Rating: How many stars do you give this book on a scale of 1-5?

Credentials: Describe your credentials as a reader. (Start by identifying your status as a student: class name and period, and school name.) Then, describe what kind of reader you are. (How often do you read? How much do you read? What kind of books or text types do you typically read for your own purposes?)

Essay Topics:

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