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Book Report Format Essay

Topic Format:

a.Answer the following questions about the story:
i.What is the book’s plot? (provide a short summary)
ii.What is the author’s name and personal background?
iii.Which other books or stories have they written or co-written? iv.Why did you choose this book?
v.Upon finishing it, did the book meet your expectations?

a.Explain the following parts of the story:
oWhat are the setting, location, and time period of the story? oWho are the main characters of the book?
oWhat is the initial mood of the story?
oWhat is the main problem(s) facing the main characters?
oHow does the initial problem(s) increase over time?
oWhat event(s) is the highest dramatic point of the story?
oWhat is the significance of this event(s)?
oHow are the main characters affected by the climax?
oHow does this aftermath propel the story towards its conclusion? v.Conclusion
oWhat is the fate of the main characters?
oHas the main problem been fully resolved?
oAre there any lingering issues left behind (“loose ends”)?

a.Present your final thoughts about the story:
i.What did you like best about the book?
ii.What did you like least about the book?
iii.What is your favorite scene from the book?
iv.What is your overall opinion of the book?
v.Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

oNot typed / -5 pts
oNo title page / -5 pts
oNo standard / -5 pts
oSeveral spelling or grammar errors / -5 pts
oNumerous spelling or grammar errors / -10 pts
oNot in MLA format / -5 pts
oNot in proper topic format / -10 pts
oMissing a topic section / -10pts
oIncomplete papers / “no grade”

Essay Topics:

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