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Book design Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Anatomy of a Picture Book

Format/Size •Rectangular—This is the shape of most books •Horizontal—Often used to in stories about journeys •Vertical—May be used for “larger than life” characters oCohn, Amy L. Abraham Lincoln. oIsaacs, Anne. Swamp Angel. •Cutout forms—cutout in the form of buildings, animals, etc. Book Jacket/Dust Jacket •Think of a book jacket as a small poster wrapped around the book with flaps on the front and back. oOriginally used to keep books from being soiled oNow used to be eye-catching, to encourage you to pick up the book. •Should be appealing from a reasonable distance through its form and color •Provides important information about the book oTitle oAuthor oIllustrator oShould predict the contents of the book oShould convey the age group for the book…