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Book and Grade Level Essay

Tuesday: Hats ON for Reading – Wear your favorite hat to show your reading spirit. Wednesday: Reading Takes You Places – Dress like a Tourist. “Name that Book Trivia” – Every hour an excerpt from a book will be read over the intercom and classrooms will have the opportunity to guess the book. Thursday: Reading BRIGHTENS your World – Dress in bright colors. Friday: Wear your shades for SURFF day – Silent, Uninterrupted Reading For Fun! Each grade level will determine how they choose to participate in Literacy Week.

Here are some suggestions; of course your grade level team can come up with your own ideas: * Decorate the outside of your door with your favorite book or literary characters. The emphasis is on student participation and student decorated doors. * Book Talks. Students can write Book Talk reviews for books they are reading. * Character Museums. Students can create posters of a book character with face cut-outs. The student places their face in the opening and holds the poster up to create a character museum.

Visitors tour the museum and travel from character to character learning about each book. * “Book, Blankets and Bears” – Students bring their favorite blanket, and stuffed animal to read outside during the day. * “Poem in your Pocket” – Students create a poem and recite them to each other throughout the day. * “The Book Swap” – Students bring in a gently used book to swap with another student in their class or grade level. * Reader’s Theater.

* Book Chain – Students fill out a strip of paper with a title of each book they read during celebrate literacy week. * Bookmark decorating contest * Create a book jacket. Use paper bags to make a new book cover for a library book. Mrs. Ward will put them on display. * Story mobile to retell a favorite book. * Tri-oramas representing the beginning, middle and end of a story. * Character dress up day. Dress up as your favorite book character. * Book Buddy collaborative activities.

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