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Bohemianism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How was Surrealism related to Bohemianism

Andre Breton founded in 1924 a cultural movement that uses visual imagery in making artworks. The artworks are usually influenced by Freudianism, a theory started by Seigmund Freud form the field of psychology who dealt with sensual matters in his studies, oral fixation, and other things which are controversial to hear. With everything formed under the subconscious mind. The ancestors of movement were Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Apollinaire, with some advices from an Italian painter Chirico. Through the subconscious, more easily imagined is when someone is asleep, and they believe that the inspiration comes when they dream, and whatever it is in their dreams, they convert into a work of art. Many of the people who constitute the Surrealist movement are…