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Bohannan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bowen (Bohannan) and Davis’ notable work “Return to Laughter”

Bowen (Bohannan) and Davis’ notable works “Return to Laughter” and “The Serpent and the Rainbow” respectively, serves as reliable references mainly for the field of anthropology. In both books, the authors dealt with exploring the practice of witchcraft from separate parts of the world – Bowen’s semi-fictional novel covered Nigerian witchery, alongside personal-based experiences; while Davis’ was of entirely non-fiction, focusing on “the secret societies of Haitian voodoo, zombies, and magic”. Witchcraft, by definition, is the alleged use of magic or supernatural powers. Throughout history, common people – often women and children – are accused and condemned for using spells, acquiring human body parts, and the like, with no concrete proof. With even the slightest suspicion, a person will immediately…