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Body Mass Index Essay

Body Mass index is a formula that determines the mass of body fat a person has. This formula is used to determine your weight proportion compared to your height if you’re on target, overweight or obese. Today we will use the formula by plugging in my own personal information and determining if I am over weight, on target or obese. To start I plug in the formula BMI=703w/h2. W = weight, H = height. I am 5foot 5 so in the formula my height will be 5.5. After plugging in my info, I multiply 5.5 squared times 5.5 giving me the answer 30.25. I then divide 703W by 30.25 H. This then gives me the answer 23.24. Making W 23.24. Which is Equivalent to not being overweight. 703w/5.5(2)


According to the chart my inequality fits in between the Compound inequality equation 23 < BMI < 25 which says I’m probably not overweight.  I don’t agree with this formula for I know for a fact that according to my height I am severely obese. However according to this formula I am probably not over weight. In addition to this the formula only uses your height and weight, it does not determine you fat mass or your muscle build. From going to the gym I’ve Learned that muscle weighs a lot more then fat. Which means that with this formula someone in perfect shape can be assumed to be obese: when in fact there in shape.

The solutions chart that says whether you’re obese, overweight, or perfectly fit is giving in Intervals. The chart gives you a range of numbers from low to high. You determine where your body mass determines by the number of intervals you land on or in between. None of these numbers are to Infinity. The ranges have a start date and end date.

In conclusion after plugging in the necessary figures and using the Body Mass Index formula it was determined that this formula gives inaccurate results. For according to my doctor I am severally over weight and this formula has me sounding like a super model.

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