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Bodhisattva Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bodhisattva in relation to a discussion of love in Buddhism

In chapter three of “Dimensions of Love: East & West” by James A. Mohler, titled, “When he (Bodhisattva) exerts himself for the good of others, he should be filled with love and love alone without any admixture of self-interest”, we see how one who has set out on a quest to become a successful Bodhisattva must incorporate love for others (Mohler, 1975). The very soul of the Bodhisattva is devoted to the spreading of love in his fellow men. In the coming paragraphs, light shall be shed upon the intricacies involved in the responsibilities that one finds himself subjected to when he chooses to travel on the path of the Bodhisattva. The analysis performed shall be in the light of…