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Violent Sports should be Banned

To start with, Sports is basically an activity done for pleasure, which needs physical effort and skill. Some people, who dedicate themselves to this activity, consider it as a passion to compete against others in their skill, ability and spirit. Sports also help in inculcating a certain discipline as well as the spirit of brotherhood or the ‘team spirit’ in the sports persons. Sports ideally are not meant to do anything with violence. Sports for some is a mode of attaining fame, for some it is their job. Some do it as their hunger to compete and win, while the others take it as an enjoyment to watch. But, in today’s scenario, the sports that include aggressive activities are gaining…

Brenda C. Seggerman

hemoperitoneum was noted, and approximately 500 mL of blood was rapidly evacuated from the pelvic cavity, as were large clots. Following this, the bowel was packed away from the pelvic area with packing laps. A retaining retractor was introduced. The left fallopian tube was noted. A large tubal ectopic pregnancy was noted, affecting approximately the distal half of the fallopian tube. Following this, a Heaney clamp was placed in the mesosalpinx and another curved Heaney clamp was placed in the proximal aspect of the left fallopian tube beyond the area of the ectopic pregnancy. A partial salpingectomy was then performed, removing the portion of the left fallopian tube containing the ectopic pregnancy. Heaney clamps were then replaced with sutures of…