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Bleach Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Science Investigatory Project

CHAPTER I- INTRODUCTION We all know that teenagers today are very eligible especially in wearing dress. We are more confident if we are wearing comfortable clothes. So it is very important for us to have a a clean and neat dress. All over the world, it is not ordinary to have a problem with our clothes. Many of the housewives has a difficulties to remove the stains in the clothes of their husband especially those who are working construction helper, chef and etc. Iron in the water supply is a common problem and a very real nuisance in doing the home laundry. Successful removal of clothing stains depends largely on the nature of the stains, the type of fabric, and…

Bilimbi Averrhoa as Stain Remover

A. Background of the study Stains are the most common problem of people living now a day because of too much works. We can remove it using a commercial stain remover, but these are harmful for it contains substances that are bad for ourselves and the environment. The researchers heard about the use of kamias as stain remover and they wanted to see if this will be effective. B. Statement of the problem or objective The main objective of the study is to test the effectiveness of an extract of a Bilimbi Plant as an alternative for removing stains on fabrics. It also aims the validity it takes for the stains to be vanished and the benefits that we receive….

Drinking water

Question 2 2.1 How to ensure food safety: Food safety depends on sanitation 1. Personnel and especially food handlers – must meet health standards and take great care to maintain a high level of personal health. – Hands should be washed thoroughly before handling food. – Injuries on hands covered with waterproof plasters. – Use gloves and hair nets. 2. Safe food handling techniques should be practised. 3. Keep kitchen and kitchen equipment clean and sanitised. 4. Food service area should be kept clean and sanitised. 5. Tables should be washed and disinfected before and after meals. 6. Traffic through the kitchen should be minimised to reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that are brought in. 7. Dishes: –…