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Blackboard Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Blackboard Student Orientation

The Blackboard Learning System is the wide-ranging and adaptable electronic-learning software platform built up for educationalists to improve their instruction and learning experience by means of the Internet. Blackboard operates using either Netscape or Internet Explorer. The browser must accommodate both JavaScript and Java. Institutions around the world are now using Blackboard to enhance conventional classroom education and convey superior distance training (Jafari and Sheehan, 2003). The platform has been refined through three years of continual innovation and feedback from its user base. Students can access their courses remotely if they do not have computers at home through their institution’s computer center or at pubic libraries that have a web connection. To access the course, a student must have a…

Blackboard Assignment

1. I have recently engaged in a discussion with a couple of American soldiers who fought in Iraq. They talked about the deployment of their company in the divisions within the military zones in Iraq where they encountered several IEDs and AQI. Also, they said something about doing recon work with a bird and how they were lucky not to be a POW. All throughout the conversation, I remained clueless about the topic. I was not able to share any inputs. If only the speaker would explain the military jargons or better yet if they have opted to use terms that were of common knowledge, I would have comprehended the conversation. Instead of using bird, they could have used helicopter…