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Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Quality Analysis Essay

The market for vacuum cleaners is more globalized compared to laundry and kitchen appliances market. The need for vacuum cleaner models differs across various markets. Over the last few years the vacuum cleaners market witnessed a large number of advances in terms of lightweight vacuums driven by smaller and efficient motors. The market for bagless vacuum cleaners is witnessing continuous growth, with North American households accounting for the highest share of bagless vacuums market. The current consumers prefer vacuums featuring bagless and multi-surface cleaning.

The following are few vacuum cleaner brands under the low price segment. A comparison is made based on criteria like key features, price and consumer ratings. These criteria should allow us to rank the brands in terms of value for money.

From the listings it is easy to understand that the Bissell 3-in-1 Stick Vac Bagless Vacuum has received a four star rating and also priced the cheapest among the other brands. The Bissell Vacuum cleaner is definitely a winner as it fulfills consumer needs and stands out as a very good purchase for price sensitive consumers. The next in line is Eureka Quick-UP Bagless Stick Vacuum which has also received good consumer ratings but is much more expensive than its other competitor.



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