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Birthing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Changing Attitudes About Professionalism

My beliefs in the importance of professionalism have been cemented even more through witnessing unhappy patients and through being an unhappy patient. Over the school year, I began watching a television show about childbirth. Labor and delivery is highly interesting and it is normal for a woman to deliver in a hospital, yet more and more low-risk pregnancies have been using a midwife and delivering in a birthing center. Most women using birthing centers are have given birth previously in a hospital and are able to compare their different childbirth experiences. Many times the women complained that although the doctors and nurses were professionals, they felt that they had no control over their delivery and were not properly informed of…

Birthing Choices: Pros and Cons

1. To have Caesarean section? Many mothers struggle with this choice. There are several schools of thought—both in favor and against a mother having a c-section. The pros for having a c-section are: a Caesarean section is planned, and it prevents vaginal tearing. Large babies and multiple babies can often cause ghastly and excruciating vaginal tearing. A c-section prevents such tearing. The cons are: c-sections put the mother at a higher risk of infection after the child is born, and women who have a c-section have longer hospital stays and experience more post-partum pain. 2. Whether or not to give birth in a hospital? Thirty years ago nearly everyone gave birth in a hospital. Today, many give birth outside the…

Birthing Techniques

It has been said that childbirth is one of the most emotional and complex aspects of human existence. The experience itself is undoubtedly a great deal for the people involved, while the time of childbirth as well as its later effects plays a significant role in further understanding ways through which such practice can be improved. Of course, due to the advances in technology and the improvements in birthing techniques, childbirth today has enormously decreased the deaths and damage to both children and mothers (Macfarlane, 1977). However, despite the advancement in the quality of child delivery, it cannot be denied that not all mothers have the same level of laboring nor preferences for childbirth approach. Hence, herein lies the trouble…