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Biofuels Essay Topics & Paper Examples

California and Biofuels

It is hard to find an adult who is unaware that the world needs to find alternative fuels for the future. Many alternatives to foreign oil exist, including drilling in previously restricted areas, a return to developing nuclear energy, wind power, and biofuels. Each of these solutions comes with its own set of issues and may take years before they have an effect on the price of oil or gasoline. In addition, some solutions come with their own safety or environmental concerns. Biofuels, while they do not appear to have safety issues beyond those of any other combustible fuel, they may have a significant impact on the environment and on the economy of California. One global issue with biofuels is…

Should Governments Mandate Biofuels?

The bioenergy quest is on. And with this quest, man moves so expeditiously and responsibly. Others, on the other hand, think otherwise: man moves so expeditiously but irresponsibly. After all, one does not jump off from a vehicle on the fast move. Every one wants clean air but due to man’s activities, he dirties and tarnishes the very air he breathes. This is the basic regulatory reason behind setting up of the motor vehicle emission standards. The standards, however, have been pushed tougher to a limit, which sometimes causing debacle between a Federal agency and the other, or one environmental agency and one Senate committee. Among other vehicles, emission standards have been set for common vehicles like cars and light…

Environmental impacts

Environmental impacts of fuel utilization include critical issues such as resource and pollutant issues. The analysis on quantifying the extent should include greenhouse gas emissions and its effect to the environment. Worldwide, the demand for biofuels has been increasing dramatically. With the fast depleting fossil fuels, current initiatives to attain energy sufficiency and sustainability is being pursued with biofuels as one of the alternatives, Moreover, the utilization of alternative fuels is being proposed to address current environmental issues on global warming. Studies on biofuels, specifically bioethanol and biodiesel showed promising results in reducing GHG emissions and in turn create a positive impact on the environment. Given the increasing demand for biofuels, benefits brought about by its utilization is expected to…