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Billing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Discussion/ Billing and coding

Gater (2004), states that medical billing errors slip ups are due to unfinished data or putting incorrect data into the system. The most likely slip up is not being able to fulfill the insurance policies. “The medical billing advocates of America” (MBAA), are assisting patients to make sense of there medical fees (Gater, 2004). The process used in Medicare for a diagnostic mammogram is, a person does not require written form (Linver, 2002). A diagnostic mammogram is necessary in a situation where screening has found an abnormality, then no doctors permission is needed (Linver, 2002). Causes that delay reimbursement of claims from insurance companies The first cause of delay in compensation is due to errors they are many types of…

Billing and Coding

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II entail nationwide codes used to report supplies and services offered within outpatient locations to Medicaid and Medicare patients that are left out by HCPSC Level I (Current Procedural Terminology -CPT) code. Recent HIPAA federal regulations require regular electronic claims to have Level II regulations. Many big countrywide players, like employee’s compensation financiers, acknowledge HCPCS level II regulations. Local Medicare transporters, business publishers, CMS, or Ingenix provide such codes (Smith, 2003). Suitable HCPCS level II regulations come before CPT codes regarding Medicare invoicing. However, numerous private players choose National Drug Codes (NDC) or Level I regulations instead of HCPCS Level II regulations, which may confuse medical care experts, thus causing denial of claims….