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Big Bang Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Big Bang theory and the problem of nothingness

The question of why there is something rather than nothing concerns with the creation of things in the universe – we know that all things come from other things, objects are made by humans, tress grow from seeds, etc. If the human mind traces back the roots of all these things, the causes of all these things, it will always come to an idea of a Maker – and for years the idea of the Maker has been held by God. But then, even the idea of a God or a Maker is dubious – who made the Maker? Yet, how can there always have been a something in the first place? Or do we conceive a state of nothingness?…

The Big Bang Theory

The beginning of the universe is explained in the big bang theory. It is proved beyond doubt that our universe had a beginning and that its origin was as a singularity about 13 billion years ago. This singularity was infinitely hot, small and dense. It had undergone a series of changes, which includes expansion and cooling to become the present form of universe. This theory is called the big bang theory. According to this theory the process of cooling and expansion is still continuing. There are several evidences as well as arguments supporting this theory as well as opposing it. The main intention of the present paper is to analyze these arguments in search of its validity. History of this…

Explain why some creationists do not believe in the big bang theory

Creationism is commonly recognised as a religion that does not regard the big bang theory or evolution to be true. Creationists are a group of, often evangelical Christians, who have a literal belief in the creation stories of the bible; it teaches that everything in the universes ultimate cause is God. Although it is important to note that there is not just one type of creationist and not just one single belief that is creationism. There are many varieties including progressive creationists, who make a link with bible accounts and the big bang theory, and day age creationists who believe in the Genesis account of creation however state that each of the 6 days of creation in the bible was…