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Biases Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The biases in testing

Many examples can be given for the biases in testing based on culture. Cultural biases have been in testing as long as testing has been around, whether intentional or not. With each passing year, however, it seems that cultural bias is more examined and those who create the tests are using stricter guidelines to insure that the tests they create are not biased towards one student more than another. For example, in New York City, students were given a question asking, “what were ways the British improved the lives of Africans? ” it was prefaced with a passage from 1922 stating “We are endeavoring [trying] to teach the native races to conduct their own affairs with justice and humanity, and…

Biases and assumptions

In his article, he said that computer is this one example of technology which has hurt the youth by making reading and writing skills worse. The graphics in a web page, can make an ordinary book seem tiresome to read. He also mentioned that the writing skills of many young people have gotten worse because of the trend of using shortened words, emoticons, and improper punctuation which these young people are using when they chat online. This has affected the young people as students because they become very familiar with the “language” that they use it even in school. The author was able to present evidences to support all his assumptions. His points on how computers may hurt us are…