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Bias Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How to Choose a Good Book

When adults select books for children, we want to pick out good ones. The problem is, we’re not always sure what a “good book” means and just tend to choose be beneficial and desirable for young readers. We forge ahead, sometimes unaware of how we use to determine what is “good.” Adults choose the books according to a standard- a criteria that we may not be aware exactly why we make our choices, considering the biases we respond to most: The lessons the books teach, those large colorful illustrations, the absence of harshness, scariness and swearing, the simple vocabulary used, the familiar content presented to the schema of the child and the political correctness it has to offer in which…

Outlining and Evaluating theories of relationship breakdown.

Stephanie Rollie and Steve Duck developed a model of the termination of close and intimate relationships in 2006.This model focuses on the processes that typify relationship breakdown , rather than being tied to distinct phases that people pass through . The 6 stages may appear to overlap or have common features but also serve very different purposes and ultimately have different consequences. Initially , the first stage is breakdown , this is where one of the partners decides that they can’t stand it any more and only when this dissatisfaction manifests itself into a complete reality check of ‘I can’t stand this any more’ do we see a progression to the next stage of this stage theory. After the breakdown…

Social Biases

Individuals who are not classified as a part of the ingroup are stereotyped, shown prejudice, and discriminated against. All of these concepts represent acts of bias. This paper will define the concepts of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. It will also address the differences between subtle and blatant bias. Last, the paper hopes to address the impact that bias has on individuals and at least two strategies that can be used to overcome bias. Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination Individuals who are not within the ingroup they are viewed negatively by others. These views are considered biases. Biases can be in the form of stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination. Stereotypes “entails applying to an individual one’s cognitive expectancies and associations about the group”…