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Bharati Mukherjee, American Dreamer Essay

The thing that is most significant about this title was that you have to realize the true essence of judging a person for being regular instead of judging someone by their handicap. The title’s significance seems to be a certain way of getting to know what the article may be about. The title itself gives off a sense of mystery being that the title is drawing the reader into actually finding out what this article is going to be about. It is like the author had wanted to make the title pop out to you and draw you in making you want to read about the article.

Kind of like a cliffhanger in stories that draws the reader to want to read more about it. The author’s purpose of this article is to try to inform readers about his/her personal idea and opinion. The author may be trying to inform readers about what has gone in a certain situation and what has also been done about the current situation. The author is informing readers about a certain technique that the British police have used to interrogate people. Mainly trying to determine whether people are actually lying in these interrogations.

The author says that the United States will be the next to learn the techniques. My own personal experience would be how I try to determine whether someone is lying to me. I always want to know if there are people who will lie instead of just telling the truth in the end. I have realized that people will lie about any type of thing just to get whatever they want in life. I honestly can’t agree with people who will lie. I respect everything that the British has done by developing this certain technique.

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