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Beyond the Ordinary Essay

Inside the Ateneo de Manila University is a hectic and busy population of students . Clearly seen by the bags under their eyes, these students have been through numerous tension due to the load of studies they’re having. Fortunately, beyond all those problems ,there is a sanctuary where students can reside to ease up their stress. A restaurant so accessible that is just within the school itself. Hidden under the University Dorm, is a concealed restaurant exceeding your ordinary cafeteria. It is Zekaf, the right place to relax while having a meal.

Zekaf has the perfect ambience for people to relax and hang out. Once inside the restaurant, the public figures on the wallpapers greets you with a warm welcome. The place gives a warm feeling to its customers, as it is decorated with different shades of brown, a dull hue to bring out its sophistication. The carpeted floor also adds to the restaurant’s comfort. Mellow sounds and jazzy instrumental music engrosses the area, keeping the customers entertained while keeping them relaxed. Deeper inside the restaurant, is a wide balcony that displays the bright lights all over Marikina City, a simple yet breath-taking view. The smell of mixed herbs and spices also fill the area as the main dishes are being served on ordinary ceramic plates.

What makes Zekaf unlike the other cafeterias is its interior design that helps attract more customers. Exceeding its ordinary purpose of being a cafeteria to the students of the Ateneo, Zekaf is also considered to be a venue for the people to enjoy each others company. Bringing in more students, from both Ateneo High School and Ateneo University, the restaurant has proven to be a mode of entertainment for every age group. Designed by a flat screen television, one can hear all kinds of sounds– from the deafening charges of guns from action movies to soothing melodies projected in the nature channel, the customers can just sit back and enjoy the entertainment offered by this restaurant.

Zekaf has already grabbed its social status inside the university. It’s the place where students can both ease their stress at the same time enjoy the company of their friends. Beyond the average cafeteria, this place not only gives the customers a hearty meal but also the entertainment one cannot simply experience anywhere.

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