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Negotiation Group Reflection

The negotiation with the Island Queen Company progressed very well and achieved a good result. The fact that both parties were implementing an integrative collaborative strategy resulted in a very pleasant and beneficial negotiation for both parties. Even though the result was lower than our target, it was above our BATNA and resistance point and was deemed to please both parties and as our strategy was also heavily concerned with building a strong relationship with the other company we believe that we achieved a successful result. Throughout the negotiation each issue was discussed one at a time to help reach an outcome that was acceptable for both parties. Due to each party sharing information and their motivation to achieve a…

Lucban Quezon

Have you heard of kiping and parikitan? What about longanisa and pansit habhab? How about Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine? Well, perhaps some of you who are fond of visiting places, sight-seeing and food tripping would say, “Lucban.” If you are one of them, you surely won’t miss exploring the town of Lucban and everything about it. This town is a highly desirable place of distinct serenity. It happens to be a second-class municipality in the province of Quezon. It rests at the foot of the prestigious Mt. Banahaw. The local residents consider is a sacred mountain. It teems with legends and superstitions. Tourists come to Mt. Banahaw for trekking and adventure. I consider Lucban as a big open museum. The…