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Bertolt Brecht Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Courage Mother and her Children critique

“Mother Courage and Her Children” by Bertolt Brecht took place during the 30 Years’ War in Europe. The whole play revolved around the survival of a lower class family, trying to live through the harsh war with their canteen wagon business. Each scene in the play contained the factors of religious, honesty, war, loyalty, and family. The theme of “Mother Courage and Her Children” was maternity, due to the fact that Mother Courage’s sense of coldhearted business caused her become unable to protect her children, which led to their deaths, leaving her all alone in the end. Mother Courage was always doing business while each of her children died during the play. This shows that she was more interested in…

Magnificence. The story about Vicente

The story was all about Vicente, the bus conductor and the tutor of the two children in a village. (paragraph 2) says, The girl at the age of seven and the boy at the age of eight ,simply tells us that there was a seven and eight year old child in the story. At the start of the story we could clearly see how the family and the mother (who is the president of their own village) trusted the conductor that’s why in the first paragraph of the story, it says, “there was nothing to fear.” Victor was characterized as a gentle and kind. He was a dark little man whose voice is soft and calm in manners. This is…