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Berg Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution–focused therapy (SFT), unlike other forms of therapy argues that a person doesn’t have to understand any problem in order to resolve the problem and that the solution isn’t necessarily related to the problem. The purpose of this paper is to give a brief overview, description and rationale of Solution-focused therapy as well as an explanation of the therapeutic processes involved in SFT. This paper will also demonstrate through case example; systemic case conceptualization/hypotheses, goals of treatment, as well as interventions used through the entire treatment plan process. Solution-focused therapy “focuses on people’s competence rather than their deficits, their strengths rather than their weaknesses, their possibilities rather than their limitations” (O’Hanlon, H., Weiner-Davis, M. (1989, p. 1.). Solution-focused therapy (SFT),…