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Benefit Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How does the TWS benefit the teacher?

The Teacher Work Sample (TWS) employs almost the same processes that teachers follow in lesson planning and classroom instruction except that TWS is more than mere planning and performance. It also includes developing a Contextual description of the class and as its final step, a Reflection and Self-Evaluation of the instruction. The TWS is, therefore, a blueprint of a complete and ideal teaching performance. The process involved in creating a TWS can help me better my instruction in the classroom because it is a means by which the would-be teacher becomes familiarized with the real world of the teaching profession, what to expect and how to go about with the rigors of classroom teaching. For instance, the first step in…

Benefit of school vs traditional college

Technology and specifically ICT has permeated virtually all sectors of life including education. Traditional schooling is being replaced at an unprecedented rate. These days most professionals prefer to take courses online rather than attend school physically. The reasons behind this trend range from convenience, greater options, multitasking, and reduced cost among others. Often, this kind of schooling has been criticized because skeptics argue that the socialization aspect of schooling is cut off from schooling experience. Additionally, this technique has cost many people their jobs and means of livelihood. For instance, the cooks, secretaries, security personnel and such like. What’s more, this technology is still new to many people and naturally, resistance to adopt it is commonplace. However, I feel that…