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Bend It Like Beckham Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Critical Examination of Cultural Influences in the Film Bend It Like Beckham

The film ‘Bend it like Beckham’ resonates with me strongly, as the conflict between Western and Indian culture is all too familiar. The main character ‘Jess Bhamra’ personifies this conflict in the most perfect and relatable way. Being a first generation Australian-born girl with Indian heritage, I can personally attest to having to simultaneously maintain two very different cultures that so often clash. ‘Bend it like Beckham’, is a film telling the story of an Indian girl whose only real goal in life, much to her parents’ dismay, is to play professional football. As Jess embarks on her trying journey of self-development in a cross-cultural space, she befriends fellow football enthusiast and player Jules who convinces Jess to join the…

Identities and Cultures

Everybody in the world is a unique person within themselves. We are all our own person and express the person we are through different forms. We also show who we are through identities and also through our culture that we are in. The identity we choose to have is up to us, so is the way that we express our identity. This was shown in our class through many different activities such as our YouTube list, reading, graffiti, movies, etc. As I stated earlier people convey their identities in many different ways, which makes conveying your identity so much more interesting, due to the fact you choose how to show the person you are however you want. We can also…

Rabbit Proof Fence Speech

Assessment Task- ) Good morning class, today I will tell you why it is extremely important for students to study texts that represent a variety of cultures. The films I have deconstructed to convey my points are “Bend it like Beckham”, directed by Gurinder Chadha and “Rabbit Proof Fence”, directed by Phillip Noyce. The cultural concepts explained in these movies are the early 1900s British culture and how dominant and cruel they were, the aboriginal Australians and how they were treated badly, the Indian culture and how much their traditions matter to them and the modern British culture which is carefree. These texts are important to study as they give us a better rounded, less biased education as students can…