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Being Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Being a global grocery store

Being a global grocery store and merchandising retail store, Tesco continues to consolidate its position as the world’s number three retailer after Wal-mart and Carrefour of the US and France, respectively. The Tesco company emerged in 1924, with its first store being opened in London, five years later. The same company has continued to grow, after that it opened up in 1956, its first supermarket. From then, the company has continued to realize growth and expansion, growing organically during the second phase of the 20th century. The growth during this epoch reached its apogee when in 1977, the Tesco company decided to reduce the prices of its commodities in lieu of Cohen’s rather antithetical policies. This resulted in Tesco company…

Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways for the Proof of God’s Existence

Thomas Aquinas’ weakest argument is, without a doubt, the argument from gradation. In Aquinas’ fourth way, God is defined as the Absolute Being which, in a sense, is used as a yardstick for the measurement of all qualities. There is a belief that some things are better than others, which can be applied to all things, but can it really be applied to everything? Is one rose better than another if equal in age and care? Who determines which one is better? If there were two identical twins, is one better than the other? Aquinas believed that things are good only in proportion to how closely they resemble that which he considers perfect. Therefore, if there is nothing that is…