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The Message Behind the Gospel of Mark

The Gospels are complex readings which primarily talk about the life of Jesus Christ up to his death. These make up most of the Bible’s New Testament. They usually share the miracles and teachings that Jesus taught to his followers, especially to his disciples whom He believed would carry God’s message across the world. One of these Gospels is written by the evangelist, Mark. In chapters nine and ten of his Gospel, he shares the second and third prophecies that Jesus Christ made about his upcoming death. Although he did not worry about it much, his disciples were pondering upon it constantly, even if he told them that there was nothing to fret about. Since they assumed that it would…

The Underlying Truth Behind the Disasters of the Families

People today are facing the most devastating effects of both advancement and social progress. Gone are the days when the families are noted as the hiding place for the afflicted. Most of the time, reports that are passed on in television, in the radio, in papers and now in the Internet are sourced out from the ones who are maltreated, those who are abused by people in their own homes. Yes, the problem is rising and the victims are increasing every year. The issue on individual abuse becomes one of the menaces in the society that appears to be much hard to deal with. How then are these victims cared for? How are they protected and how are they later…