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Behaviour in the Classroom Essay

Everybody shall: use properly and carefully the school facilities, classrooms, wood and metalwork, fittings, furniture and things made available to us, as well as ours and our teacher’s and class-mates’, at all times; and bring to class the material needed (coursebooks, hand-outs, homework done, white sheets of paper, a plastic folder and something to write with) and have it out on the desk, ready to start working, as soon as the teacher goes into the classroom. No other material shall be on or in the desk.

If you forgot to bring in any of the things needed, you must ask someone to share hers with you before the teacher gets in. Those who aren’t ready and haven’t done their homework are given a written assignment and dismissed. If the majority haven’t done it, they will do it on their own and expect a question about it on the next exam. PARTICIPANTS will either – speak, when the teacher chairing the meeting asks to do so, after raising one’s hand up, doing it in a polite way (not judging -‘That is .. ‘-, but expressing personal reactions and reasons -‘I agree/disagree with that opinion because …

‘-), in a low voice, without fear nor shame, to truly (not hiding one’s contradictions, handicaps and mistakes and getting rid of the masks and disguises) ask for clarification or say something that has to do with the matter dealt with (relevant) as clearly and briefly as possible, based on the notes taken while listening; – be silent (mouths closed), listening actively (ears open, eyes looking to the person speaking or the text read and with the mind focused on understanding what it is being said and, then, thinking further meanings of it like: Do I agree?

What are the reasons that base it? Does it explain anything? What details and nuances should be taken into account? Can I think of an example? ) and taking notes on the interesting ideas said and on one’s own doubts, questions and visions; – be with one’s hand up and silently miming or gesturing the answer to a question made; or – nod to show agreement with the person speaking. In PAIR & GROUP work, voices shall lower & everybody will speak taking turns clockwise.

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